Sebenzana is an engineering and business consulting services firm. Our focus is on supporting the owners and/or operators of high value physical assets in Southern and Eastern Africa.

Sebenzana offers world-class mechanical, electrical and materials consultancy services with a wide range of applications across industries including power, petrochemicals, oil, manufacturing and heavy engineering.

Sebenzana comprises of a powerful team of partners, “grey beard” experts, senior consultants, engineers and engineers in training with a powerful diversity of local and international experience including deep technical experience in the power and manufacturing industries, strategy consulting, engineering consulting, and broad general management. Sebenzana’s composition allows us to offer specialist, engineering support to operational and technical managers as well as extracting tactical and strategic business implications for executives, boards and shareholders.

Sebenzana is deeply committed to Black Economic Empowerment in South Africa. Our objective is to have a profound impact at the most basic level of empowerment – to create local employment and capacity by transferring knowledge and experience to our clients’ engineers and organisations. We achieve this through the experience of our team members and collaborative work style.