Long and short term technical & engineering services to independent power producing power stations in the region

Independent Power Producer (IPP) power stations in the Sub Saharan Africa region need hands-on technical and engineering support to make them viable in this still emerging market.

Specific Services Performed

Sebenzana has supplied experienced engineers and technologists into small fluidised-bed, gas and diesel fired captive power plants and large coal fired power stations through short and long term arrangements to assist with operations and maintenance and engineering support. Through team based interventions Sebenzana has enhanced power plant effectiveness and availability and sustained IPPs in this pioneer market.

Implementation partner on major roll out of risk based inspection across a fleet of coal fired power generation plant

A major SA utility decided to pursue Risk Based Inspection as a planning tool to schedule major pressure vessel inspections while mitigating technical risk across its coal-fired power generation units.

Specific Services Performed

Sebenzana as the local implementation partner were the first on the ground and with its blend of international and local experience crafted a rigorous approach and Risk Based Inspection process with the utility staff to meet its needs. Sebenzana’s engineers and experts have been spent years collating, assessing and analysing data to make good maintenance, outage inspection and operations decisions serving the best interests of the utility and South Africa.

Turbo-generator Return to Service Projects

Brief Project Description – Condition Assessment, Risk Assessment and Client Engineering Services during the return to service of 15MW and 30MW Turbo-generators from storage.

Specific services performed

Review of history; records; design review; witnessing of repairs and tests; analysis of tests and inspections results; drawing conclusions and recommendations for future operation and maintenance. Client representation with Original Equipment Suppliers (OEMs); and Owner Engineer Services during re-build and commissioning.

Power Station Capital Investment Forecasting

Coal-Fired Station Capital Investment Forecast based on High Level Assessment of the Life and Replacement Cost of All Main Mechanical and Electrical components

Specific services performed

A high level condition assessment was reviewed specifically taking performance and safety risks into account. Based on a probabilistic model the capital expenditure costs were estimated to keep the plant running for the next 6- 12 years.

Boiler Expert Survey & Performance Reviews

Boiler Expert Survey of Boiler House consisting of four off-gas fired boilers; to improve performance, availability and reliability.

Specific services performed

A series of incidents led to an end user commissioning an independent expert survey of their existing equipment and operating philosophies, including their control philosophy. A Mass and Energy Balance, Boiler Performance Review and Control and Safety Reviews were executed with conclusions and specific preventative actions being recommended.

Engineering Inspection and Condition Assessment of Pulverised Fuel Boiler

Condition assessment and inspection of high temperature components of a 250 tonnes/hour Pulverised Fuel Boiler.

Specific services performed

Condition assessment and inspection of high temperature components employing replication, hardness, surface inspections (visual and magnetic testing) and ultrasonic inspections. Assessment of findings including fatigue use of life calculations.

Pre-feasibility Study for an IPP Biomass Power Station

Pre-feasibility study of two power stations; one applying gasification and the other conventional combustion and steam turbo-generator technology.

Specific services performed

Compilation of technical specifications based on developed and appropriate user requirement specifications, high-level front-end designs and capital costing of the following involved systems: fuel receiving, preparation and storage; the respective power blocks (gasification plant and reciprocating engines; and boiler and turbo-generator with air-cooled condenser); emissions abatement, grid interconnection requirements; and required utilities.