Sebenzana Consulting is all about providing value-adding, independent services that serve end client teams.

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In this fast paced world, where performance expectations are higher and support staff turnover is an ever increasing concern globally, our expert consultants provide key input to clients by executing:

  • Concept, Pre-feasibility, Feasibility Studies on power generation, cogeneration plants, biomass plants; including the appropriate application of used, ‘grey market’ equipment.
  • Impartial assessment of plant condition and remaining (economic) life
  • Optimising inspection planning
  • Peer reviews/independent assessments of third parties (including Original Equipment Manufacturers) and/or client offers, services or decisions
  • Risk Based Inspection and plant management; including Sebenzana established Integrity Risk based Management and Risk Based
  • Inspection (RBI) Approaches
  • Mechanical, Material and electrical design reviews
  • Commissioning/trouble-shooting support services
  • Outage support – as found condition and defect assessment and decision formulation
  • Technical Audits/Reviews – are the right interventions planned at the right time?
  • Root Cause, Failure, Forensic, Technical Investigations
  • Staff training services- customised technical training to suit your needs, often part of the delivery of a project
  • Cost/spend optimisation via scenario statistical modelling

The outputs are in the form of clear practical unbiased recommendations supported by rigorous and communicated analysis to serve as a basis for current and future decision making.

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Focusing not only on “streamlined” Risk Based Inspection (RBI) but also on the overall Risk Based Integrity Management (RiBIM) process enables measurement of how comprehensive and effective business processes are in terms of managing risk appropriately. This allows corrective and preventative management actions to be identified and ranked in terms of risk mitigation.

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Whilst large organizations can benefit from in-house specialist technical project management training smaller organizations often depend on past practices when running large overhauls or turnarounds. Based on the broad experience from several different industries Sebenzana are ideally placed to provide “state of the art” project management practices to bear on a wide range of different types of projects.

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As plant ages various damage mechanisms will eventually cause failures to occur. Application of appropriate damage mechanism models can allow determination of the safe working life of components well in advance of failure. This enables refurbishment or replacement work to be carried out proactively during planned interventions.

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Companies are reliant upon the integrity of their power supply to ensure the continuity of their business processes. Reliable, adequate and continuous electricity supplies to communications, computing and process control systems are more important than ever before. Public electricity supplies throughout the world are subject to a wide range of possible problems such as grid voltage fluctuations, waveform corruption and partial or total failure of supply. All of these can impact the normal operation of a business and may negatively affect the operation and durability of equipment.

Sebenzana provides a comprehensive and cost-effective power quality investigation service that identifies and quantifies power quality problems and recommends mitigation measures to minimise business disruption and ensure that equipment performs adequately. SEBENZANA offers a turnkey solution to clients with problems due to the integrity of their electricity supply – from understanding the electrical load requirements, to defining alternative solutions, and ultimately to the commissioning and subsequent health monitoring of such installations.

Sebenzana Consulting provides specialist technical input into Pre-feasibility and Bankable Feasibility Studies for the power industry based on the team’s experience and expertise in thermal power plant and in particular the associated boiler, turbo-generator, gas turbine and associated ancillaries technologies. Sebenzana has the capability and capacity to deliver entire Feasibility Study and New-Build Owner Engineer Services through existing partnerships in the industry.

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RBI – the benefits

A recent analysis of the benefits of introducing a rigourous RBI system yielded a significant increase in plant availability over a four year period. This was due to reduced scheduled outage time together with an improvement in unplanned outages. The cost of implementation was reasonably insignificant relative to the above benefits realised.

Effectively applied RBI approaches yield:

  • Reduced scheduled outage time in the medium term
  • Reduced inspection costs in the medium term
  • Identification of weak points in integrity/ risk management processes
  • Increased focus of management and technical resources
  • Tracking and hence management of overall risk levels

Since 2007 Sebenzana has been working internally and through the needs of regional clients to
focus the EU’s RIMAP offering (incorporates RBI) to the regional market. This has been driven by both
the promulgation of the new Pressure Equipment Regulations (PER) for pressure equipment
management in South Africa and the need for a rigourous, robust framework within which to
manage risk (all forms) associated with high value assets.

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