From concept to commissioning, Project-Engineering solves power problems for clients within Southern Africa.


Project-Engineering assists clients to identify projects associated with embedded power generation opportunities or thermal energy efficiency improvements.

Extensive process and financial scenario modelling is used to identify and detail multiple scenarios to deliver a client’s vision. These are subsequently evaluated through decision matrices to provide objective scenario evaluation and ranking.


Our engineers have strong maintenance and reverse engineering experience. This expertise, when coupled with in-house 3D modelling, drafting and FEA capabilities enables us to facilitate comprehensive new plant designs, reverse-engineered solutions, failure investigations and remnant life assessments for our clients.


Project-Engineering provides cost-effective engineering, procurement, construction and project-managed solutions intro greenfields and brownfields sites.

Our team’s extensive hands-on experience positions us well to assist clients to execute projects.


Project-Engineering specialises in engineering design and development. Our three study stages take clients through concept, pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to determine project viability, key milestones and critical success outcomes.

1 – Desktop Studies

The concept phase of all projects is crucial in developing the project scope requirements and honing possible solutions. Project-Engineering completes high level studies to assist clients with decision-making prior to pre-feasibility studies.

2 – Pre-Feasibility Studies

Pre-feasibility studies follow on from the concept phase and are preliminary exercises undertaken to set out and analyse various business and/or technical scenarios. We assist decision-makers with evaluation of scenarios and prioritisation of key outcomes.

3 – Feasibility Studies

Once an ideal scenario is agreed we move into feasibility phase where we deep dive into engineering analysis and costing to establish scenario viability. We provide clients with comprehensive financial models to indicate costing and sensitivity with a portfolio of technical documentation.


Project-Engineering is passionate about thermal and electrical energy systems.


Develop and improve client systems through:

  • ›  Modifications to existing assets andsites
  • ›  Supporting existing assets and sites
  • ›  Reverse engineering of existing components
  • ›  Component and equipment design from scratch
  • ›  Complex 3D assemblies
  • ›  Manufacturing drawings
  • ›  PR ENG / professional sign-off
  • ›  3D scanning and surveying
  • ›  3D modeling
  • ›  Pipe Stress Analysis
  • ›  Finite Element Analysis


We manage the full EPCM process for our clients.
  • Engineering, procurement, construction and management
  • Our experienced teams oversee personnel on site
  • We investigate and appoint suppliers and service providers
  • We interface with existing procurement and client teams
  • We work in both brown and greenfields environments


  • High pressure and temperature steam reticulation systems
  • Sunflower husk fired CHP station (2MWe ;4 MWth)
  • Biomass fired power station (1MWe; 11 MWth)
  • Discard coal fired CHP station (1 MWe; 14 MWth)
  • Discard coal fired power station (3 MWe)
  • Boiler hopper and ash handling modifications
  • Coal mill condition monitoring upgrade
  • HFO/ diesel / gas fired boiler installation (25 MWth)
  • Cement plant, water treatment plant
  • Steam chest modification and design

• Sunflower husk CHP station feasibility study
• Discard coal fired power station pre-feasibility study • Discard coal fired CHP station pre-feasibility study
• Condensing steam turbo-generator remnant life assessment (25 MWe)
• Back pressure turbo-generator remnant life assessment (12 MWe)
• Waste heat recovery system thermal study (6.4 MWe) • Coil retaining ring finite element analysis
• Turbo-generator outage third party inspections

  • Boiler duct modification
  • Mill condition monitoring upgrade
  • Turbo-generator life extension overhaul
  • Coal mill major overhauls
  • Grounding and monitoring generator shaft earth strap
  • Quality control plan and check sheet development tool


  • Kelvin Power


  • Newcastle Newcogen

  • AEL

  • Mamba Cement


  • KC Energy

  • Sasol Infrachem & SGEPP

  • METC Engineering