The Smart Asset Management Platform (SAMP) developed and instigated by Sebenzana give the Engineering, Maintenance and Management teams a smart and “real-time” view of the health and risk of their plant and critical assets proposing realistic, and value-adding inspection, operations, maintenance and replacement initiatives and/ or scopes, as applicable.

Sebenzana’s Smart Asset Management Platform (SAMP) has been developed from experience gained over more than a decade of providing independent Asset Integrity Management Services to major regional and international utilities and petrochemical firms. The SAMP platform delivers increased business value by enabling better operations and maintenance decisions on critical assets.

SAMP is specifically developed to support industry standard asset management best practices, eliminating the cumbersome task of manually managing your assets and encouraging preventative maintenance. SAMP includes features and functionality your organisation needs for efficient and effective asset management.

SAMP Features

  • Properly annotated and referenced inspection check-sheets unique to each inspection technique

  • As-is Design database for plant

  • Digital capturing of inspection results to enable technical analysis

  • Dashboards to assess plant risk easily at a plant, system or equipment level

  • Built-in automatic reporting

  • Customisable Specific Asset/ Plant Best Practise Tools i.e. Boiler tube leak failure classification and reporting

  • Reporting of planned and unplanned downtime (and benchmarking)

Benefits of SAMP

  • Increase Plant Uptime

    Reduce unplanned integrity related failures through proper damage mechanism identification and use of inspection techniques with highest probability of detection

  • Reduce inspection costs

    Eliminate unnecessary inspections using risk-based decision making for your inspection scope.

  • Risk-based Decision Making and Prompting

    Use of a systematic risk-based method to assess plant risk, ensuring decision making is rational and with proper consideration of plant safety and business impact.

  • Connecting relevant data

    Provides a safe platform for useful data to be interrogated and harvested for value enhancing asset decisions.

  • Instant Reporting

    Our tools reporting features reduces administrative work, allowing you more time focus on your plant.

  • Collaborate - Centralised and Easily Accessible

    Records are stored against plant, system, equipment and components to make them easily accessible by all.

SEBENZANA has deep experience in asset care strategies and world-class best practices that enhance infrastructure and asset performance. At SEBENZANA we pride ourselves on our hands-on approach to asset care. We believe in getting hands-on with plant and face to face with client teams. All plant and equipment is unique and a personal relationship needs to be fostered with each asset, its context and its “asset care” team.